SandSpring Ranch



Sand Spring Ranch is a small family run cattle operation. We raise and harvest high quality beef for the life style that it provides us, for a few close friends and a handful of discerning customers around the country who enjoy the highest quality beef and are fortunate enough to become members of our extended market family. And, of course, for our own consumption. We generally harvest and deliver in the cooler months between November and May so right now is a great time to place an order.

Either email or call Linda and she will be happy to discuss your options.   We are currently selling packages of ground beef. Each container is shipped prepackaged and frozen with 10 slightly greater than one pound packets of our finest ground beef.

For more information you may call us at 903-845-5872 or send your inquiry to



What is the secret to making a great burger? Great ground beef is the answer that we have come up with. And there is no doubt in our minds and the minds of our friends and fellow buger lovers that you will come to the same conclusion with ground beef from our ranch. No remember that is ground 100% Black Angus beef from free range cattle. What is free range cattle? They are cattle that do not spend there lives in a stockyard or feed lot. Here in East Texas our cattle are free to graze green Bermuda grass for about eight months a year and the other four months they eat dry Bermuda grass (Hay) green winter rye grass and vegetable suppliments.